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Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Since 2013, Taste of the Junction coordinates various events throughout the year to celebrate the people, cultures, and cuisines of Historic Valley Junction.


Pop Up Museum

The Pop Up Museum is a series of panels highlighting the diversity and culture of the Valley Junction community. Each panel tells a story of a VJ group or family beginning with some of the first families to the area.


The Junction Speaks

Labor Day Weekend hear the history of Valley Junction that you won't find written in a history book. Open mic storytelling, pictures, presentations, and videos. 


Annual Multicultural Festival

Labor Day Weekend the people who LIVE, WORK, OR PLAY in Valley Junction unite to celebrate our vibrant community. Live entertainment,  food trucks, arts, crafts, & more. Fun for the whole family!

Notice of Photographic & Media Recording:

When you attend a Taste of the Junction event, photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By attending our events, you consent to such recording media and your image and likeness being used in connection with the advertising, marketing, and promotion of Taste of the Junction. 

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