About Taste of the Junction



Taste of the Junction celebrates the people, cultures, and cuisines of Historic Valley Junction.



The Taste of the Junction Inc. celebrates, honors, and preserves the culture and cuisines of the people that immigrated and migrated to the Valley Junction West Des Moines community through several venues and desires to do more. 

"As Mayor, I was able to attend and participate in many wonderful and important events in the City of West Des Moines. In my opinion, the Taste of the Junction was the most culturally important because it celebrated the City's beginning as a railroad town with a very diverse population.
Taste of the Junction brings generations of families together whose history started in Valley Junction (like mine as I am a 4th generation WDM resident) and allows many central Iowa residents to learn more about the history of WDM and showcases/celebrates the cultural diversity that WDM has embraced since its beginning in 1893. This celebration blesses all of central Iowa. "

Steven K. Gaer, City of West Des Moines Mayor 2007-2021 & First Seed Donor for Taste of the Junction

Future year round programs with support will build the C.A.S.E.
(Citizenship, Activism, Service, Education) 

Future programs with support will build the C.A.S.E. for the power of celebrating multicultural communities through citizenship, activism, service, and education. Citizenship informs a community that actively participates in voting and being involved with neighborhood associations, supporting community organizations, and buying local. Activism promotes strong relationships with city council and community organizing. Service provides local information for volunteering in the schools and neighborhood. Education creates space for passing down cultural heritage through cooking classes, storytelling, dance classes, art creation, musical performances, rendering historical maps, and marking historical sites.

The Taste of the Junction honors the past, supports the present, and invents the future where all cultures are valued.