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Board of Directors
Kourtney Perry, CEO Privacy LLC  

A Des Moines, Iowa native and CEO of Privacy, LLC. The service side of the company delivers exceptional event planning and coordination services. Creative, detailed, and well communicated strategies are utilized in a wide range of events such as corporate events, fundraisers, weddings, and social gatherings. Other services provided are business consultations to assist in the planning, strategy, and problem solving to establish your business. The partnerships with many different organizations in the community guarantees that you will receive the top leading information and resources to make executive decisions in your company. 

The product line is called Ladie Lex Scented Candles. Starting with hand-poured all natural soy wax candles. They are dedicated to those who may struggle with anxiety, depression, and mood swings. A great smell in any room helps alleviate headaches, mood swings, and muscle pains. Other products that are offered are wax melts, room sprays, and lotion. In December 2022, the release of the home decor collection was added that features inspirational pillows and room plaques. 


Kourtney is also a new board member for the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce. Their mission to uplift the community, educate, support, and grow align with her duties as a leader. Throughout the year she is also involved in several other community programs such as the Urban Experience Magazine, Rob Johnson Gas Giveaway, Many Shades of Colour Conference, and the Lady Like Empowerment Conference. When it comes to lending a helping hand and putting on a success event, Kourtney is the one to call. 

In her spare time, she enjoys taking vacations and spending time with her family. 


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